I think its really funny/cute how my clients are SO SHOCKED when their photos are back and we look at them together and they say,    “OH YOUR WATERMARK ISN’T ON THEM!”    ~ They are so lit up and happy! … Then theirs me, huh? Why would I leave that on them…  I only leave it on my digital images for you to share your album around the internet world. lol … … … Oh its so cute! I love it!  Thanks a bunch to everyone it truly is a really fun hobby/ pass time to shoot all of you, What I see through my lens is YOUR fresh new precious babies, your growing kids ~ Gesh how time flies!!!, your beautiful families, your lit up & emotional weddings, your glowing and beautiful Maternity sessions, your characteristic pets and so much more. I love shooting them all and take great honour being able to have met all of your expectations. Thank you all again it really has been a true pleasure and looking forward to meeting and gaining more clients and I respect all of your personal choices and a HUGE GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the families that allow me to display your beautiful images online its great to wake up everyday and to go through and read the awesome comments it only makes us Photographers more encouraged to produce more of our great work so thank you so much and please come back often to see more of our fabulous work and remember with out my subject I wouldn’t have a photo! ~ Terri-lyn

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